Small Business Social Media in Asheville

Social media in Asheville wears many hats. Sometimes the more you look at it, the less defined it becomes. Social can be Friendship, Connections, Networking, Media, Interaction, Relationship Development, Information Distribution, Marketing, Sales and much more. This is bigger than you can imagine.

You have plenty of companies using the term “social media,” but few that can do the caliber of work to legitimize the costs they are charging. Some companies in the Asheville area charge $1000 per month for a simple blog post, and some local companies charge $500 per month for absolutely nothing. They call this social media and bank on it. They slander every competitor, and specialize in keeping biz owners in the dark. This is the only business model they have lol. Some “SEO and SM experts” have gotten comfortable with charging hundreds of dollars for an automated one minute report without any actual work being done. This is the kind of work that digs your business deeper in a hole with no return on investment. Then your small business dies and these “experts” go after the next naive business owner. And then the tech world wonders why businesses are so disillusioned with the social media world. They have been victimized for the most part.

Businesses beware of these companies. Yes, they know social media, but only about 10% more than you do. They talk social media, but in their personal lives, they are unsociable and rude. They may even be highly educated, but their person to person skills are dead. “Entitled Asshole” is written all over their resume, and sometimes on their forehead. And these people are going to help your business? I do not think so.

Just because you have a blog does not make you a “social media consultant;” it makes you a blogger. Sure you know how to send some information out on Twitter and Facebook, and you know how to respond to the 5 people you think are good enough to talk to; but you are far from a social entity of any type. The only reason you have any business is because you have been referred by people and organizations who are just as blinded as you are.

When all this transpires, what ends up happening? You end up with your business growth plans crushed and “friends” patting you on the back blaming it on the economy, tourism etc. Do not let this happen to you!

I do not have a pitch here for you with a link to hire us for social media. I did not put a fancy social media graphic in this post. I am just venting. It is frustrating to watch business owners and friends lose because of not doing enough research to make an educated marketing decision to really help their company. Hopefully this post will cause your business to dig a little deeper.

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