Skinny Legs and All and WSNB rock the Westville Pub

Last night, the Southern Fried Blues Society sponsored a fundraiser for the bands to help them travel to Memphis, TN in February to attend the International Blues Challenge. WSNB won the local SFBS competition to be in the competition, Skinny Legs and All is the nominated band to attend the Youth Showcase. The Westville Pub was filled with music lovers, friends, and family – and they enjoyed a fantastic show put on by both the bands. The silent auction displayed beautiful art, clothing, and jewelry. Those who donated money to the fund were given raffle tickets and took home t-shirts, Cd’s, gift certificates, and even a bucket of Moon Pies! Everyone who came out to support the bands had a great time – and the servers and bartenders at the Westville Pub kept the beer and food flowing. Thanks to Peggy Ratusz and everyone at the Blues Society for planning the event! There will be another fundraiser in January – so keep posted and please come out and see these fantastic bands!

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