Silver Machine’s First Official CD Finally Lands

Space cadets, glitter punks and psychedelic dreamers, take note: after keeping us in suspense for what feels like forever, Silver Machine has finally released their debut album, and holy space lovin’, Batman, it was so worth the wait.

Don’t ask me to describe their sound; it’s nearly impossible to define. Think Pink Floyd raging hard on a steady diet of hallucinogenics, spinning counter to a room full of disco balls, with an undercurrent of slow sexy love running underneath, and that might begin to touch the sound of these guys. If you’ve caught them live, you know what the vibe is like. Now you can take the sound with you anywhere, float through your errands on a wave of cosmic bliss, crank that baby while you mop the floor… it’s all good when the Silver Machine is coming through the speakers.

Buy the disc at cdbaby (if you’re all digital, you can download it from there) or pick it up at one of their upcoming shows-details on those coming soon.

Silver Machine play a recent show at the Rocket Club in Asheville

april fox is a freelance writer from asheville. read more of her work here, or follow her on facebook.

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