Silver Machine Bele Chere After-party with Graviton

Hey hey! If you don’t know that Bele Chere kicks off tomorrow, wake up! The southeast’s largest street festival sends happy revelers into the streets of downtown Asheville, feasting on good food, the hyped-up social vibe, and of course, some of the best music you’re going to find anywhere.

But listen, don’t count on the festival to provide all your entertainment, loves. At 10:00, local psychedelic voodoo gods Silver Machine take the stage at the Hookah Bar (38-B North French Broad Ave) to help ease you into your weekend. Get in out of the heat and soak up the sweet sounds of original space rock and classic covers given a funky twist. You’re in for a treat at this show; Wilver Machine are sharing the bill with Graviton, and all I can say about that is prepare to have your mind blown. Seriously folks, if you could play the weather through your speakers, it would sound like Graviton, sunny and bright one minute and pouring rain the next.

Check out info about the show here. Find out more about Silver Machine on their web site.

April is a freelance writer from Asheville. Read more of her work here or follow her on facebook.

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