Second Bloom! Flowers on the Move… in Asheville

The flowers in this arrangement will not always be here at the Grand Stairs at Biltmore Estate. The ones that still look good once this is taken apart will have a new home. A new program started by two women wanting to brighten the day in nursing homes for lonely people. They came to us at Biltmore Estate and asked us to donate our old flowers which still look pretty good. It is a form of recycling and a very cool concept. Instead of us taking the flowers home, we jumped at the opportunity to give them to someone who would get more joy out of them. These two women have great hearts and I am so grateful to God for putting this on their hearts. To many it may seem such a small gesture, but to the 88 year old woman who can’t get out of bed it means everything to her. I applaud these women.
If you know anyone who has old flowers and would like to donate or help these women in some way, I urge you to contact them and find out what you can do. Today, we sent them with six buckets of flowers and greenery. What an amazing way to serve the Lord. Make His children smile in their loneliness, their pain, their suffering.
Have a most blessed evening!

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