Santa Pal Westgate West Asheville

Christmas is right around the corner in Asheville and the local Optimist Club is doing what they cab to make sure families have some gifts for the kids. Here is a parent waiting in line to register at the Westgate Shopping Center right across the Westgate Bridge off Patton Avenue. The gift warehouse is right next to the CVS Pharmacy. There is about one week left to register. Parent or guardian needs to have their Social Security card and photo id and the kids need their Social Security card. See a video tour at

One thought on “Santa Pal Westgate West Asheville

  1. I got online to sign my grandson up and you guys said come apply at your one in Innsbrook Mall well we went to the ends Brook Mall and there is no where to apply so if you can give me a call and tell me where to go I would appreciate it my number is 450-2440 and my name is Kim thank you and have a blessed day

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