Ross Clothing in Asheville, discount shopping

Ross Clothing in Asheville North Carolina offers some great discount clothing selections. I guess there are 4 main outlet type stores and they are Ross, TJ Maxx, Rugged Wearhouse, and Dillards at the Biltmore Square Mall. These stores sometimes carry some major lines of clothing. Great place if you are on a fixed budget or are just a discount hunter in the Asheville area.

Took this from their website…

*”Style for less”

At Ross expect to find designer and brand name fashions for women, men, kids and home at everyday savings of 20-60% compared to department and specialty stores. How do we do it? First, our buying teams are located in the fashion centers in the United States – New York and Los Angeles. This allows our buyers to have a pulse on the market and to work closely with manufacturers to negotiate the best possible deals. By focusing on opportunistic buying strategies, Ross is able to offer great savings to you. Second, we keep it simple. Our stores are designed with “no frills”. We have centralized check-out and simple fashion displays in order to save money and pass our savings on to you. Third, we keep it fresh by buying different merchandise for different stores.

Do the Math. The savings are on the ticket. Compare our prices with our competitors and see how much you save.*

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