Roadtrip: Asheville To Myrtle Beach!

fun times at myrtle beach sc With the Summer season, comes lots of travel and vacationing. This time, part of the team drove from Asheville NC to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and ready for an adventure! road to myrtle beach When we saw the sign for Myrtle Beach, we were so ready to hit the sand, swim, eat, party and make this vacation count. nissan myrtle beach sc The drive there was not uneventful. A Nissan Pathfinder and five guys was a party waiting to happen in itself! oceans one resort myrtle beach sc We ended up staying at Oceans One Resort, and really enjoyed the accommodations there. Thank you for a great experience! hollywood wax museum myrtle beach We also went to the Hollywood Wax Museum for a tour! myrtle beach boardwalk And a trip to Myrtle Beach is not a trip without stopping by The Boardwalk. The HOTTEST mile there! We shopped, ate, and had so much fun. myrtle beach south carolina And of course the beach! After staying up all night partying with so many folks, we hit the beach for a beautiful sunrise. The world is ours!!!

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