Road Trip! Asheville To West Virginia

artisan cafe road trip from candler nc We had one month left of summer vacation, and our plans were way too many. We had a few places we wanted to go. Stone Mountain Georgia was one, and Charleston South Carolina was another. Many of the kids were traveling; visiting family members up and down the East Coast. Our next stop? Head to West Virginia to meet family and pick up Brooklyn. This time, we rented the Nissan Versa Note from Anderson Nissan for the trip. First we stopped at Artisan Cafe in Candler to grab some breakfast. Yes, that is us double-parking behind a bunch of cars so we could run in and grab a quick bite to go. hungry mother park There are some Hungry Mother’s out here! While heading to Marion Virginia, we were amused by this sign… “Hungry Mother Park,” and wondered where they got that name from. marion virginia We stopped by Marion Virginia and took a photo of this painted wall, representative of their little community! nissa versa note road trip The package was delivered. I mean, the package was picked up. We picked up Brooklyn, and she began to make fun of the little Nissan Versa Note we were driving. With a big family, we are not much into small vehicles, but we loved this one! It handled like a sportscar and saved almost as much gas as a bicycle. Great for traveling light. tamarack west virginia Then we stopped by Tamarack West Virginia, where we ate, and got to shop from a wonderful array of items, many made right here in the State! west virginia road trip Then it was back on the road… 77 South, off to Asheville North Carolina, Home Sweet Home!!!

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