Road conditions deteriorating due to winter weather

Road conditions in Buncombe County may be termed dicey, local motorists agree. While kudos go to towns like Weaverville, who are already sanding and salting to minimize dangerous conditions, roads in Asheville such as 240 eastbound proved slow going. Within the past hour, that area has gone from passable to slippery and slow, as snow and icy rain accumulate as temperatures hover around freezing.

Though westbound lanes were slightly better, icy slush covers exit lanes from Weaverville to Tunnel Road, and motorists continue to cut speeds and creep along inside lanes when approaching these areas or during lane changes. Tunnel Road itself was covered over with snow slightly after 9 a.m.

Due to the rapidly deteriorated travel conditions, schools across the county began sending teachers home from the “optional workday” as early as 9 a.m., while students enjoy an extra day of vacation this holiday season. Other area residents may be seen walking their dogs or enjoying the beauty of the snowfall before winds pick up later today.

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