Professional Athlete Manteo Mitchell Moves To Asheville

Manteo Mitchell Under Armour

My name is Manteo Mitchell. I was born in Shelby, North Carolina; raised in Mooresboro, North Carolina. I am a Professional Athlete. My sport is Track & Field, although it is often referred to Athletics. I am also an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Model, and my most favorite job — a full-time family man and father.

Manteo & Khi Mitchell Asheville

Being that I grew up only an hour or so from Asheville, and that I am a Western Carolina University alum, I have always been through or visited here. Even in high school, I remember making the trek up the mountain on a few occasions.   I first heard of Asheville though in middle school. We were scheduled to visit the Biltmore Estate, however, I believe the weather caused that to be cancelled. PS— I have yet to actually see and visit the Biltmore Estate. Only when I fly over it landing at the Asheville Regional Airport (ALL THE TIME) have I actually witnessed the property “live”.

Manteo Mitchell Olympics

I was an undergraduate student at WCU from 2005-2009, then I stayed there to train post-collegiately with my college coach and also received a Master’s Degree in the process (2009-2012). After the London Olympic Games in 2012 my son was born and I knew then that I wanted to go elsewhere for training. I wanted a real city, but not a huge place. I wanted lot of options for food (I LOVE TO EAT), and Asheville provides me with ample healthy options all around. Asheville is about halfway to Johnson City, TN where I train when I’m not here in the heart of Asheville training. So the move just made sense all around. We LOVE it here! Also most importantly, I wanted to move to a place that would be behind me in my quest to make my 2nd consecutive Olympic Team. A place where I could possibly be the face and uplift everyone. Asheville seems like that place. I hope that the city will embrace me as now everywhere I go, Asheville goes with me.

Manteo Mitchell UNCA Asheville

I can be found training at UNC-Asheville most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I love home cooked meals that contain healthy options and love meeting new folks so, if ANYONE wants to cook a nice meal for me I AM GAME! To the kids, if you see me out I PROMISE I DO NOT BITE. Don’t be afraid to say hello. Oh… and the one I get the most… To answer all of your questions, YES I am the guy on all the billboards, pictures, posters— at Under Armour. No more “is that the guy”—his name; my name is MANTEO MITCHELL!

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2 thoughts on “Professional Athlete Manteo Mitchell Moves To Asheville

  1. This is awesome. I thought I saw him the other day, now I’m pretty sure that can be confirmed! Mr. Mitchell… You are the epitome of class! Your talents extend beyond the track. My family and I have followed you since your WCU days and we feel that we’ve grown with you. I love that you’re always in classrooms or doing speaking engagements to kids. That’s just beautiful. Thank you. Asheville needs more people like you living here and I am personally glad to know that you’re here. Let’s get this man a meal!

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