PR Pros celebrate 2009 successes

Industry insiders in know the professional organization to watch in 2010 is the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina. Founded in 1982, the group in 2009 came into its own, and the energetic buzz surrounding its embrace of cutting edge practice and exceptional networking opportunities for industry excellence continues to grow.

Though the year grows to a close, PRAWNC chooses to debut two innovations to its holiday observances. First, instead of a luncheon, the group hosts a festive gathering, “A Holiday Tasting” at the Wine Studio of Asheville at 169 Charlotte Street, Wednesday, Dec. 16, from 5-7 p.m. The $12 pricing includes a sparkling, a white, and three red wines, plus hors d’oevres.
The savvy cross-branding means five exceptional wines have been hand-picked by connoisseur and educator Jessica Gulano especially for review by public relations professionals. AskAsheville‘s literary and film aficionados already know her efforts due to the edgy Merlot pairing with the 2004 film Sideways, in which the hero refuses the varietal. Gulano proves him wrong, and gets the wine selection exactly right. One can only deduce this private tasting for PRAWNC will be worth every sip.
At the party, the 2010 slate of officers will be affirmed by attending members, and the focus will shift to the members themselves: event photos on the PRAWNC blog, and fun polls to vote on favorites. Find out more.
Another new initiative currently getting a push is a holiday gift membership option in which newcomers can get 15 months for the price of an annual membership, $50 for industry pros, and $25 for university students. Click here for information.
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