Pit Stop Between Asheville & Greenville – MoJo’s BBQ Hendersonville

Hendersonville BBQ Barbecue

Western North Carolina is known for it’s barbecue! There are so many great spots to grab some BBQ pork, chicken, ribs, and turkey. In downtown Asheville, Buxton Hall Barbecue is quickly taking the lead. On the outskirts, places like Luella’s, 12 Bones, and Moe’s Barbecue have offered some steady deliciousness. Then we have Doc Brown’s BBQ Food Truck which is a yummy choice if you can find them around town. We eat at all of these places, and love them. But when I am traveling outside of Asheville, toward Hendersonville or Greenville South Carolina; MoJo’s BBQ & Grill is a quick, easy and delicious stop right off of Exit 53 on I-26, the Upward Rd exit. The popular “Poplar Leaf Cafe” is also in the same shopping center.

MoJo’s BBQ & Grill took the reigns of this restaurant, which was formerly Crystal’s BBQ, and have continued the traditional food she had offered for many years, along with a few great additions to the menu. The end result, a wonderful evolution of homestyle barbecue and sides.

Anyway, if you are around that end of town, whether living there or just traveling through; MoJo’s is a tasty stop for the whole family.

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