Pinwheels & Pizza in Asheville North Carolina

Favilla's Pizza in Asheville NC

We stopped by Favilla’s Pizzeria in north Asheville the other night to grab a quick bite. Of course we started with their delicious pinwheels, one made with spinach and the other with sausage and pepperoni. If my wife had nothing else but this, she would be satisfied, as it is her favorite “appetizer” or snack meal. I ordered the Sicilian pizza, and she ordered a slice of double-crust pizza with eggplant parmesan and chicken. We bumped into some of our friends who had escaped the Widespread Panic mania downtown to get something to eat on the north side. The lady, who is a dietitian, told us that it was their first time there and that the gluten-free pizza was so good. This place is a must-try if you are looking for authentic New York Style Pizza, Brooklyn to be exact!

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