Phosphorescent Yoga – How Perfectly Asheville

Phun, Phocused, Phlowing, Phestive, Phantastic, Phulfilling, and Phabulous!

Just some of the words I would use to describe my experience at Phosphorescent Yoga.

True, I am a lover of yoga. And I do not discriminate. I love it all. But this was a first for me. A two hour, night-time yoga class performed under the glow of a blacklight and the pulsing rhythm of an ear-to-ear-smile inducing music playlist.

“Phosphorescent Yoga – A Blacklight Yoga Experience” kicked off on April 3rd, 2010 at West Asheville Yoga lead by local yoga teacher Anna Ferguson.

At the beginning of class, Anna described her intentions for the series, her inspiration and modeled for us her flashy, white lace, fingerless “Madonna” gloves. “Asheville needs this,” I remember her saying.

And I thought, “Hey, I need some Madonna gloves, too.” *wink wink*

Seriously, this was so much fun. For two hours I was transported to a world of music and spaciousness, the sound of my breathe and beads of sweat dancing in time with the flowing yoga postures — not to mention the pretty outfits and glowing smiles that left me sparkling from the inside out for hours, if not days, afterward.

Musical selection standouts: “Karma Coma” by Massive Attack and “Bad Romance” … yep, Lady Gaga and yoga together at last.

Thank you, Anna and West Asheville Yoga!


Saturday May 1st 8:30-10:30pm
West Asheville Yoga Studio
602 Haywood Road
Register Online

For more information visit or Anna’s website Phosphorescent Yoga is appropriate for those with some vinyasa/flow yoga experience. Be sure to wear white so you glow in the dark! The room will be warmed to 80 degrees. COST IS SLIDING SCALE $18-$22.

Okay, all of you Asheville yogis (and I know there’s a ton of you), I will see you there!!


Author Lindsay Fields is a yoga teacher, blogger, and certified (or is it certifiable?) mother of two. Lindsay is currently teaching Hot Yoga at Anytime Fitness and Weaverville Yoga. You can find out more about Lindsay by visiting

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