P.F. Chang’s Opening in Asheville NC!

When I travel to Greenville SC, I always pass a PF Chang’s and say in my head “I want to try that place”. Well I do not have to travel to Greenville for that anymore thanks to Biltmore Park in Asheville inviting PF Chang’s as their lead restaurant in this wonderful “all inclusive” development and mega shopping world. Visit PF Chang’s by clicking Here! It is not open yet, so do not run over there tonight, but it will be open very soon, and I will be one of the first to go!

4 thoughts on “P.F. Chang’s Opening in Asheville NC!

  1. PFChangs is my FAVORITE restaurant! I have been so excited since learning of the new location in town.I will be one of the first to go to it’s grand opening too.
    You have to try the chicken lettuce wraps. Also, I LOVE the kung pao shrimp. Everything is great!

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