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Our Daily Bread Restaurant in Boone NC

There are times when you travel out of town and find that new favorite spot. You know the spot, the one that will incite emotions to come flooding back into your brain like a North Carolina waterfall whenever you think about your visit. We all have that favorite place that is branded in our memory. Our Daily Bread in Boone, NC is one of those spots.

Located in the charming downtown Boone, NC, Our daily Bread is in the college district of Appalachian State University. Do not let that fool you though; it is not all college students that visit this place. The romantic setting is sure to be a hit for couples and families looking for a great meal. While there I noticed several families, there were also few ladies enjoying dinner together, and several couples all breaking bread.

Our daily bread chooses to support other local business by buying and using their products to prepare their dishes. They use local farmers for many of their ingredients as possible. They have teamed up with Stick Boy Bread Company who supplies their fresh baked bread. By doing this, you not only support Our Daily Bread when you eat there, but you also support other local businesses. It is like a web of support that branches out throughout the community.

Our daily bread is for the most part a deli and soup shop. They have pressed and grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, salads, and cold sandwiches. They even have options if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan dishes. All of their sides are fresh made, not canned or store bought. Make sure you stop by on your visit to Boone, NC and do not forget the best part, the desserts!

Click the video for a full review of Our Daily Bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvryslWwgTU

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