Operation Pill Crusher in Asheville, Buncombe County North Carolina 4/18/09 – 10am-2pm

On April 18, 2009 many people in Asheville North Carolina, Buncombe County and Western North Carolina will be coming together for Operation Pill Crusher. I was talking to a few people today about prescription pills, and how them make their way out of our medicine cabinets and go right into the school systems. Did you know that close to 70% of all drug related charges and arrests in the Buncombe County School System are prescription pills? That is wild people! Parents keep these pills in their medicine cabinets, in their kitchen closets and around the house somehow thinking that the kids will not wonder “what is it”, “what does it do”, and “what will it do to me”. There have been many reports of “Skittles Bowls” at pill parties where everyone goes on a “pill search” in their home or the homes of their family or friends, gather as much medication as possible, go to the party, put it in one big bowl, and everyone at the party grabs 1, 2, 3 or more. Some never come back! I am scared for all of our children these days. Asheville; let us take a stand against things prescription drug abuse. Sometimes we do not take the time to pay attention until it hits our home. Well it is hitting our community, and your home may not be too far away. Please take a part in Operation Pill Crusher in Asheville and Bucombe County!

I read earlier that in one State, death by precription drugs passed deaths by car accidents. Many States report that the number of people abusing prescription drugs is more than people abusing alcohol. People, and even many addicts, sometimes consider it “Okay” to take a friends prescription drugs for pain or relaxation. Not only is this not safe or acceptable; it is very dangerous.

Asheville, this is our combined effort to make our community safer, cleaner, and maybe even save a few lives. Will you help??? You can even drop off cough syrup with Codine, and any other type of narcotic, pill, etc. Note: you are also permitted to also drop of any type of illegal street drugs for disposal and destruction. Bring the pills and drugs in bottles and bags for safe transport and destruction. The drugs will be crushed and then burnt, eliminating the potential abuse of them forever. They are not going to sit on some shelf, and then become “missing” soon thereafter. They are destroyed!Please keep in mind that many times using medication that is prescribed to others is dangerous due to the fact that they may have a reverse or adverse affect on another individual. Well over 100,000 Americans die every year from adverse reactions to prescription drugs. Besides being permanently damaged, drug side effects are a leading cause of death in the U.S. The worst thing that can happen to you when you take a “legal” drug is not that it won’t work, but that you might die. Be Safe!

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration, SBI, Asheville Police Department, Black Mountain Police Department, and Weaverville Police Department will be at the following Ingles Grocery Store locations on Saturday April 18, 2009 from 10 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon, to accept the voluntary disposal of old, unused and expired prescription medications:
Ingles Grocery Store on 29 Tunnel Road in Asheville
Ingles Grocery Store on 301 Long Shoals Road in Asheville
Ingles Grocery Store on 575 New Leicester Highway in Leicester
Ingles Grocery Store on 7 Leicester Highway (Patton Ave) in Asheville
Ingles Grocery Store on 915 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville
Ingles Grocery Store on 500 Highway 9 in Black Mountain
Ingles Grocery Store on 140 Weaver Blvd in Weaverville

For more information, please contact the Drug Enforcement Administration at 828-350-3440 or the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office at 828-255-5555

I have family that works for the FDA. Click Here to see one of their articles about the prescription drug problem.

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