One to Attend – SIMO – Pisgah Brewing Company – February 4, 2016 8:00 PM


SIMO – Performing at the Open Chord in Knoxville, Tennessee – 2/3/2016

Does a band that oozes the same pedigree as rock royalty such as Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Deep Purple, Steppenwolf among others and whose live performance leaves audiences in a state of shock and awe seem like something you’d be interested in listening to and seeing yourself first hand?

If so I beg and plead, not for the band nor the venue but to your very musical souls, that you attend SIMO’s show tonight February 4th at the Pisgah Brewing Company in Black Mountain, North Carolina staring at 8:00 PM

The band’s new record Let Love Show the Way is one of the most musically inspiring records I’ve come across over the last decade. The LP spits out salvo after salvo of sheer rock genius and bombast that any fan of 60’s and 70’s vintage and retro rock will surely fall in love with.

Let Love Show the Way is a complete record that implores to you to kick back, put on your best pair of head phones and drift away into it’s vast soundscapes.  Some stand out tracks include “Long May You Sail”, “I’d Rather Die in Vain”,  “Ain’t Doin Notin'” and “I’ll Always Be Around”.

Just in case you actually needed a bit more evidence regarding SIMO being a legitimate rock and roll force, Let Love Show the Way was recorded live at the famed Allman Brothers “Big House” in Macon, Georgia with JD Simo (guitar/vocals) himself actually playing Duane Allman’s ’57 Les Paul Goldtop on most of the record.   How’s that for legendary musical lineage street cred people?

Below you’ll find a link where you can listen to “Long Mail You Sail”.  If this song’s guitar solos alone don’t convince you to get out to Pisgah tonight to see SIMO live I question if you have ears or even if know what great music is.

As astounding as SIMO’s work is on record their live performance amps up the band’s musical force factor a thousand times over as Simo and his fellow band mates Adam Abrashoff (drums) and Elad Shapiro (bass) are literally musicians’ musicians that live and breathe to perform with one another.

It’s also worth mentioning SIMO is an improvisational live performance dynamo.  Let Love Show Way was actually written and recorded by the band with the intent of exploring and interpreting the songs on LP in unique ways when they make their way to lighted stage.

Should you choose to make the mistake of not getting out to SIMO’s show later this evening the words “your loss” wouldn’t even come close to describing what you’d be missing out.

Who:    SIMO w / Mike Rhoades Fellowship and the Humble

When:  Thursday  February 4th / 8:00 PM Doors – 9:00 PM Show

Where:  Pisgah Brewing Company / 150 Eastside Drive, Black Mountain, NC 28711

Cost:      $7 In advance / $10 At the door



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