One Summer Day in Asheville, by Adam Hecht

adam hecht eye on north carolina
Life as a video blogger is adventurous. I meet different people, experience different places and travel on roads I’ve never seen before. I left Raleigh around 6:30am with all the excitement in the world. I kept telling myself, “dude, you are going to interview moonshiners, that is so rad!” I scheduled two on camera interviews for my blog July 2nd. The first one was at Howling Moon Distillery at 11am and the second was at the Omni Grove Park Inn at 1pm. Two different topics, two different stories and one thing in common, Asheville.

My drive to Asheville was uneventful until I ran over a huge piece of tire debris. After spastically examining my tires at the rest area, i realized that my tires survived. More importantly, I was still able to reach Asheville in time for my appointments. Naturally, I arrived to Asheville early. Naturally, I headed straight for a coffee shop. I parked by the World Coffee Cafe Asheville. This was my first time getting a cup of joe here. Thus, I did what any other coffee aficionado does, takes that first big gulp of coffee and see where that “legal speed” takes you. As my friend always says, “Coffee, legal speed, the American way.” I was impressed with their coffee. I forgot the origin of the beans but the coffee was bold. My tastebuds informed me that the beans were in fact organic. I was impressed. So it was before 11am and I already had a taste of Asheville in my mouth.

The time was approaching 11am and I headed to Howling Moon Distillery. I did not know what to expect but I was in for a pleasant surprise. Owners, Cody and Austin of Howling Moon gave me an in-depth explanation of how moonshine is made. They are very knowledgeable on their craft. I did not realize that their moonshine is sold in ABC stores across the state. Y’all have to try it one day! You can watch the interview on youtube:
My next appointment was across town at the world famous Omni Grove Park Inn. My interview was with the Director of PR, Tracey. She toured me around this beautiful magnificent hotel/resort. Luxury is at every turn. The views of the valley are spectacular. Patrons can wine and dine with food prepared by world renowned chefs and be pampered all day at the spa. I promised myself the next time I visit the Grove Park Inn, I will surprise my future girlfriend. If I have a future girlfriend. Any takers? You can watch the interview and tour on youtube:
Both locations part of the important fabric of Asheville, North Carolina. Everyone I met in Asheville was friendly. I hope y’all can visit Asheville one day. I can’t wait to go back!

by Adam Hecht

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