One on the Rise – The Marcus King Band – ISIS Music Hall

The Marcus King Band performing at ISIS Music Hall on November 7, 2015

The Marcus King Band performing at the ISIS Music Hall in West Asheville, NC on November 7, 2015

Hailing from Greenville, South Carolina, the Marcus King Band, led by 19 year-old wunderkind and guitar virtuoso Marcus King, brought their twist on southern rock to the ISIS Music Hall in West Asheville this past Saturday.

It would be grossly inaccurate to categorize MKB’s music as solely being southern rock as elements of blues, jazz and even psychedelia are clearly embedded within the band’s musical DNA, even if these sonic overtures get overpowered at times by King’s raspy southern drawl vocals as well as Warren Haynes and Stevie Ray Vaughn inspired guitar licks.

The band’s unique sonic palate was on full display as MKB played to a near sold out crowd delivering a mind bending performance that featured cuts off of their recently re-released debut LP Soul Insight  in addition to their takes on the Beatles’s “Dear Prudence” as well as Black Sabbath’s, “War Pigs.”

At one point during their set and to the delight of the crowd, MKB welcomed up to the stage Eric Travers (harmonica/vocals), Alex Bradley (trumpet) and Dean Mitchell (saxophone) all of local music outfit Travers Brothership, to join in on the fun.

Local guitar hero himself, Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers/Gov’t Mule) certainly has taken notice of MKB as Haynes not only has signed the band to his record label Evil Teen Records, he’s also invited them to take part in this year’s Christmas Jam by Day being held on at the One Stop and Asheville Music Hall on Saturday December 12th.

When it comes to their performance MKB is serious about melting faces and ensuring audience members are either wildly dancing and grooving along or simply left shocked and awed by the sheer musical force they propel into the crowd from first note to last.

MKB’s show this past weekend at ISIS spoke strongly to these facts as well as to the notion that Asheville locals would be wise to take in one of the their somewhat frequent local performances, as it’s becoming more and more clear it won’t be too long before the band is performing on much larger stages in towns and cities far, far away.

The Marcus King Band:

Marcus King (Guitar/Vocals), Jack Ryan (drums), Stephen Campbell (Bass), Justin “JJ” Johnson (Trumpet/Trombone) and Matt Jennings (Organ/Keyboards)




One thought on “One on the Rise – The Marcus King Band – ISIS Music Hall

  1. Spot on. As a long time follower of MKB and a witness of Warren Haynes at the same age, 19, developing his guitar skills in places in Asheville, like The Brass Tap, 45 Cherry, The Rathskeller, it doesn’t surprise me that he would recognize Marcus’s talent, and be impressed enough to help MKB go to the next level. We certainly will hear a lot more from Marcus King.

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