Ok, who wants to pay for Asheville News? Get in line lol

After talking to WLOS News on Twitter, we have confirmed that the rumors of their website heading toward a Paywall System are not true. News 13 will remain a complimentary news service provider. Now as you can see below, the Asheville Citizen Times has gone in a different direction:

Since the Citizen Times went to a Paywall System and increased their home subscription rates, several people have voiced their concern and displeasure. One person from the Mountain Xpress, another news and community source in the area, posted this tweet on Twitter “RT @DonMak: My first experience with #Asheville Citizen-Times paywall  http://twitter.com/DonMak/status/217599865864200192/photo/1. Another local teacher who is known to be tech savvy mentioned how it was sad to see a local newspaper die. And then there was @RonFrankl and @wsavlcallme who straight out tweeted their condolences and hatred when they read the press release on the Asheville Citizen Times Ashvegas Blog:

Internet based information and distribution has been on the scene for years and the Citizen Times has definitely gotten involved, but when it comes to true social media, a blind eye and deaf ear seem to appear. They have done a bunch of “strategies” lately, even asking questions on Twitter; but not to interact, seeming as only an attempt to get people to their website. One person’s response to this was:

So what are you planning on doing for your Asheville News? Are you going to pay one of the pipers, or find your information somewhere else? Now we all know you can buy a cheap IP address changing program and “hack” into the system to get your news free forever, but that would be like stealing music online, and we do not do that!! Lol. The Asheville Citizen Times is offering 10 free articles per month, and their Ashvegas blog is still free, so it may be an okay combination deal.

And then there are the other Asheville News & Information sources that you may want to consider in the meantime before they file suit and start charging. Then one day we may all be forced to pay for news & info; the opposite direction of where this new media world is headed:

1. WLOS News 13

2. Mountain Xpress

3. Citizen Thymes

4. WNC Magazine

5. The Laurel of Asheville

6. And some bonus area humor: What Should AVL Call Me

Also, please keep up with our little tiny blog too… AskAsheville blog

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