Oh my stars !!!

When was it decided that my ghetto-fabulous Wal-mart on Hendersonville road was to be closed ? My heart is quietly weeping in remebrance of this tragic loss :'(

(Upon further investigation, it was revealed to me that it would only be closed for 2 years while they transform it into a Super-Mega-Wal-mart)

I propose a toast, to the long-forgotten “regular” wal-mart stores scattered across the landscape 🙂

3 thoughts on “Oh my stars !!!

  1. 2 years??? That sounds like a long time for those pros. Unless they are removing all of those buildings and redeveloping the whole site.

  2. I toast the small walmart that closed down here in waynesville! we now have a mega walmart here too. I never thought I’d see it happen.

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