Official Asheville Picture Point #5, Asheville Kissing Point #5

Asheville is full of little surprises all over the City streets and sidewalks! Here is a monument that I had called “Asheville’s Liberty Bell” for years. This is Asheville’s Kissing Point #5! Take your picture at this point and name it “Me @ Asheville Photo Point #5”.

This historic bell is similar to the one that hung in the 1892 City Hall that stood on the East end of Pack Square in Asheville North Carolina. The granite circles at the base of the bell represent bollards and are in the shape of the octagonal City Hall belfry. Information supplied Sarah Meyer from the Asheville Area Arts Council and taken from the “Urban Trail” brochure.
The Asheville Bell is located on the corner of College Street and North Market Street in Downtown Asheville. Many historic buildings in this area as this is the Centerpiece of the City. You can look across the street from here and see the Jackson Building (one of my favorite taller buildings) and it has Sisters McMullen bakery on the very lower level. And, you can look down N. Market Street and find a few Asheville restaurants including Vincenzo’s and Magnolia’s. If you were to walk straight ahead, you would also see Fiore’s Ristorante Toscana (the Asheville Italian Restaurant that we Loveeee!) on the left. Arcenio runs a great lunch and dinner spot here, and we have always enjoyed that second level exposed seating area upstairs. Anthony is the Manager at Fiore’s and you can visit them by going to

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