Official Asheville Pic Point #3, Asheville Photo/Kissing Point #3

In front of Malaprop’s Bookstore on Haywood Street in Downtown Asheville is where you will find Asheville Picture Point #3. It is a metal art sculpture of 3 women walking a dog and shopping.

You can take your picture at this photo point and name it “Asheville Kissing or Pic Point #3”.

Plenty of really great businesses surround Asheville’s Pic Point 3, including Malaprop’s (which is the most popular non-chain bookstore in Western North Carolina), the Haywood Park Hotel across the street, Souper Sandwich and the Bier Garden across the street, Mobilia Contemporary Furniture of Asheville to the left, Constance Women’s Boutique and the Asheville Public Library right up the street, Sensibilities Spa, Zambra’s Restaurant (Hector’s Creation!), Studio Chavarria (Asheville’s Premier Hair by Guadalupe himself), and a small line of other businesses right down in the lower rear in the alley behind Malaprop’s Bookstore.

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