Official Asheville Kissing Point #1, Asheville Pic Point #1 – Pritchard Park Monument

We have talked about setting up Picture Points and Kissing Points for years in Asheville North Carolina. We are starting it right here and now, with our 1st Point being “Pritchard Park” in Downtown Asheville at the Monument.

We invite you… whether resident, visitor, implant, replant, or passerby… to follow these Asheville Kissing Points and Asheville Picture Points to visit some great areas in Asheville and get some photos in the same Asheville spots as 1000’s and 1000’s of other people from all around the world!

This Monument is surrounded by many great Asheville businesses including Tupelo Honey Cafe, Mayfel’s Restaurant, College Street Bar & Grill, Jerusalem Garden Cafe, Weinhaus Wine Store, Wachovia Bank, Bank of America, S&W Cafeteria Building, The New Capital Center, and the rear entrance to “The Shops On Wall Street” in Asheville. This is a great landmark and we are glad to have this as our first Asheville picture point. Take your pic here and name it “So and So at Asheville Photo Point #1”.

Once we document these, all of these points will soon be on our main website We have about 30 more places to document, but if you have somewhere that you think should be a kissing or picture point, please email it to

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