Obama vacationing in Asheville NC

Just sitting here thinking about President Obama coming to Asheville North Carolina next weekend. Why AVL? When he was here in Asheville during his campaign run, he mentioned that if there was a prettier state than North Carolina, he has yet to see it.

The Asheville area is a great place to live and enjoy the quality of life that it and the surrounding WNC Counties offer. Some people come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the inner city. We have the downtown area which is growing very nicely with arts, music, and food; but we also have incredible nature activities just minutes away. Hiking, camping, rafting, bicycling, rock climbing, and fishing is readily available.

So here some places we recommend and/or have spoken to that give President Obama an open invitation to host his family.

1. Barley’s Pizza and Taproom – Everyone likes pizza and beer and this is a great place for Obama to have some Pizza with the fam. Ask for Jimi and let him know what you need. Complimentary at http://www.barleystaproom.com/

2. Bruisin Ales would also like to extend a warm welcome and offer President Obama a complimentary Asheville VIP beer tasting. http://www.bruisin-ales.com/

3. Mother and Son Bistro and Bakery offers the Obama family a complimentary 3 course meal with a beautiful dessert platter. http://www.motherandsonbistro.com/

4. We think that Obama and Michelle would love the Asheville City Market, so we want to make mention of this. http://bit.ly/ctSqv4

5. The Grove Arcade would be another option for the Presidential Fam to check out. Lots of shops and restaurants inside this historical building, which used to be the old Asheville Federal Building. http://bit.ly/93PYS2

6. Then of course since they will already be in the building, we are having the Free Asheville Social Media school by GSocialMedia on Friday 4/23 from 5pm – 7:30pm at Elaine’s Piano in the Grove Park Inn, and we invite President Obama to drop in and join our talk for a few minutes. Our focus is on video marketing, YouTube, etc. More info here: http://bit.ly/dzjNWs

*There are plenty of things to do in Asheville. These are just some fun ideas and offers that maybe the Obama family will receive.

Oh, they can also see https://askasheville.com/ for lots of pictures, videos, blogs, and businesses in Asheville NC.


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