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From the first moment we met Asheville Chiropractor Dr. Derek, we knew something was special. He had a passion like none other for helping and healing pregnant women, and also children. As we listened more, we learned about the many lives he has been instrumental in healing. Now his office in north Asheville serves a large clientele from whole families, to athletes, to just about anyone who needs help. See this new video below about One Love Chiropractic in Asheville:


Foodie Stop – Gan Shan Station in Asheville NC

Gan Shan Station Asheville NC

While working in the North Asheville area recently, we stopped by the Gan Shan Station on Charlotte Street and had a wonderful meal. After the experience, some of us rate this restaurant as some of the finest Asian food and fusion in the WNC area. On top of that, when it comes to the overall food, atmosphere, drinks, staff, and presentation; this place could easily hang with the best Asheville has to offer. The Gan Shan Station is also an FGFT Certified Restaurant, meaning that they use a superior and healthier cooking oil.

Asheville Brunch at Rise N Shine Cafe

Asheville Brunch Rise N Shine Cafe

Whether it is breakfast, brunch or lunch; Rise N Shine Cafe in North Asheville has always been one of our favorite spots on this end of town. This eatery features only local and fresh ingredients, and have been a staple in the community for years. Located right next door to the Hop Ice Cream shop, these two must-stop foodie spots are worth the trip up Merrimon Ave, just a few minutes from downtown Asheville. The dish above was an omelet with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, bacon, sausage, onion, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Plus a fresh fruit dish for dessert. And do you see that jam next to the omelet? That is fresh homemade jam only available at Rise N Shine, and SO GOOD!

Balancing Your Life in Asheville

People usually think of balancing life as dealing with your work along with your personal life. Yet, we tend to forget about our well-being and mental being and that’s why I’m proud to get the chance to share my experience with my first ever visit to the chiropractor, but not just any chiropractor, Dr. Derek Kasten at One Love Chiropractic.

I like to describe Dr. Derek’s practices as holistic because he specializes in prenatal and pediatric care. It’s amazing how much we overlook the simple accidents we have as children. What’s even more amazing is how much we forget about it and then suffer in our later phases of our lives. Now, I could probably blow your mind with the insight that I’ve gained from him.

One Love Chiropractic, pre and post miracle

I know I never thought I needed a chiropractor, mostly assumed from my inexperience and lack of knowledge about chiropractic practices. Dr. Derek explained a lot to me through his inspiration to pursue his occupation in chiropractic studies. I know some history of this practice and I’m glad I have a better understanding because I feel comfortable when I come to visit my chiropractor. I trust his work because he’s been helpful and he wants everyone to understand the true reason a chiropractor is needed, and what a great help they can be.

I told him about my concerns then he went on to explain and bring more light to what I need to focus on. After we discussed all of what I need to know and be aware of, he concentrated on my concerns and explained where I needed adjusting and didn’t over adjust me… thankfully because I learned that traumatizes your body, which makes sense.

Dr. Derek Kasten, Book

I’m glad I found a chiropractor that I can trust, wants me to understand how much this really affects me not just by my physical health, but my mental health as well, and who also cares about his work just as much about his family, friends, and patients. I recommend One Love Chiropractic for anyone, even if you think you don’t need a chiropractor because you might be surprised.


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5 Things That Separate This Asheville Chiropractor From The Rest

one love chiropractic asheville

Going to a Chiropractor is usually what you do when you hurt yourself. This should not be the case. Dr. Derek, a Chiropractor in Asheville North Carolina, has many attributes that make him unique. Read them here:

  1. Asheville’s Only Certified Pediatric Chiro​practor with a certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr.Derek also has been teaching other chiropractors how to educate parents and care for children through his many workshops and training programs. ​
  2. Certified in Prenatal Care with a certification in the Websters Technique for ​p​regnant w​omen with Breech Presentation. Dr.Derek promotes being proactive about your families health. He encourages preconception care to help prepare parents and he has great success with infertility. He also focuses on caring for the mother and family after birth with an emphasis on caring for woman with postpartum depression and children that have suffered birth trauma.
  3. Specialize​s​ in Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Sensor​y​ Integration Disorder, Behavioral Issues, Autism, Asperger’s​ and much more. Suffering from neurodevelopment disorders growing up and having a daughter who is sensitive, Dr. Derek understands the importance in allowing all children to be in a state of balance and to meet their full potential.asheville chiropractic health
  4. Passionate about Family Wellness and helping families become ​closer and more connected. Allowing the family to heal ​and grow ​together is so much more powerful tha​n​ just caring for one of the parts. The family is a unit, they feed off of each other. When you care for them all together, the healing potential is exponentially greater. ​
  5. He is an Author of a new book titled… “Indifference:​ Why Children Are So Sick”. The book is a recipe for allowing children and families to finally be safe, healthy and happy. The question is, how do we get there? This book is the answer.​ Download Dr. Derek’s Free Ebook Here.
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Dr. Derek has a Asheville Chiropractor office called One Love Chiropractic in north Asheville. We welcome him and his family into our Asheville community and look forward to the help he will bring to many lives in the area.