Pinwheels & Pizza in Asheville North Carolina

Favilla's Pizza in Asheville NC

We stopped by Favilla’s Pizzeria in north Asheville the other night to grab a quick bite. Of course we started with their delicious pinwheels, one made with spinach and the other with sausage and pepperoni. If my wife had nothing else but this, she would be satisfied, as it is her favorite “appetizer” or snack meal. I ordered the Sicilian pizza, and she ordered a slice of double-crust pizza with eggplant parmesan and chicken. We bumped into some of our friends who had escaped the Widespread Panic mania downtown to get something to eat on the north side. The lady, who is a dietitian, told us that it was their first time there and that the gluten-free pizza was so good. This place is a must-try if you are looking for authentic New York Style Pizza, Brooklyn to be exact!

A Delicious Dinner at Luella’s Barbecue in North Asheville

Luella’s is definitely one of our favorite go-to places if we are in the mood for barbecue. We stopped in tonight and as we were getting seated, I heard Aaron LaFalce playing the guitar, and you can watch the performance by clicking here. So we sat down and were greeted by Aniela, who then took care of us the whole time. Also bumped into my friend Suzie who is now working there. A great night all around!

Asheville Craft Beer at Luella's BBQ

First, we ordered some craft beer. This was the Soulvation IPA from Innovation Brewing!

Dinner at Luella's Barbecue in north Asheville

Then we had chopped brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken, along with some fantastic sides such as mac & cheese, okra, and a pineapple casserole that we called our dessert.

Waitress at Luella's BBQ in Asheville

And Aniela then introduced us to their loyalty card where you eat 9 meals and get one free. We did not know Luella’s did this, but now we know, and will definitely use it. Thank you for a wonderful meal, staff and experience!

Eating HomeGrown in Asheville

Homegrown Asheville Restaurant

The HomeGrown Eatery in north Asheville has become one of our favorite spots to dine. We stopped by there recently for dinner with some folks who were visiting Western North Carolina from out of the Country. Everyone enjoyed the simple delicious homegrown food they offered and served.

Now, a new place to eat named Biscuitry is about to open up in the old Dough location right across the street. And even bigger news is that on the corner, a new street light is being installed, putting a halt onto a dangerous intersection for pedestrians. This move will definitely improve walkability in north Asheville.

Great community on this side of town which is growing to be the most “Kid Friendly” part of Asheville. Desserts are many with an ice cream, frozen custard, and a frozen yogurt shop all within a stones throw. In addition to that, there is a playground on Murdock Ave right behind the Tennis Courts on Merrimon Avenue, a game room in the rear of Asheville Pizza, and another playground next to Ira B Jones Elementary School.

Asheville Raw Food at Ambrozia

ambrozia bar bistro asheville

I didn’t plan on having a raw food dinner, but when I ended up at Ambrozia in north Asheville and ordered, that is exactly what I received. This spot is right before you pass Beaver Lake on Merrimon Ave, right in the same shopping center as the library. As we walked in, the atmosphere was perfect, followed by a helpful hostess who then attempted to find us a seat since they were pretty packed. And she did, in the back corner, right where I wanted to be. I noticed a beautiful bar area with liquors, beer and wine. We ordered, and out came the meal pictured above. Great evening and experience.

Asheville’s Got Some Big Balls!

asheville meatballs

Yes, you heard it right, Asheville’s got some big balls, meatballs to be exact. I stopped by Dough in north Asheville the other day, and written on the wall as a special was a meatball sub. My mind immediately started asking questions… “how tasty are these balls?”, “do they taste like my grandmother’s balls?”, and of course “how big are their balls?” I ordered the sub and when I saw it, all of my concerns dissipated. I tried to take a bite and get one whole ball in my mouth, but it was an impossibility. These were some BIG BALLS! I had to take baby bites, so I did, and ate the whole meatball sub. If you are in Asheville, and want some big balls; you need to stop by Dough.