North Asheville Little League Needs Players

Despite the recent snow and chilly temperatures, it’s time to think about baseball again. North Asheville Little League recently held sign-ups, and they’re still looking for kids who want to play. Boys and girls born between May 1, 1997 and April 30, 2005 can get out in the sunshine, meet new kids, and have some fun chasing balls and running around in circles. For more information, visit the NALL website at From there you can print out an application and mail it, along with a check for the registration fee, to NALL, PO Box 8624 Asheville NC 28814. The registration fee is $50 for Asheville city residents, $55 for non-residents. You can also bring the form to the 3-A and 4-A evaluations at Weaver Park on March 13 at 9:00 a.m.

Just a little info about the NALL-I’m not into competitive sports at all. We’ve all heard stories about rabid parents and coaches taking the joy out of what should be a carefree, fun time for the kids. When my Zac decided to play ball, I was nervous about it, but he was so into it and his dad had played when he was a kid, so I signed him up and hoped for the best. I was pleasantly suprised by the atmosphere at North Asheville-while the kids all want to win and the coaches try to make that happen, the real point of the whole thing is to have fun. This will be Zac’s fifth year playing for NALL, and the coaches we’ve had have all been great. All the kids get to play, and the parents keep the negativity to a bare minimum, if you see any at all. The kids reflect their parents’ and coaches’ good attitudes and show great sportsmanship. I’m impressed with the program, and it’s pretty hard to impress this old cynic with anything, especially something like this.

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