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When NextCare Urgent Care contacted AskAsheville on Twitter, we thought for a minute that this was another nationwide company that was simply soliciting us and telling us about their business (which is fine). We come to find out that NextCare has taken over many Nationwide offices including the previous ProMed building in West Asheville right off of Patton Avenue at 136 Mimosa Drive 28806. This is great news for Asheville North Carolina! Wait until you read this…

Time, Cost, Convenience behind Launch of NextCare Urgent Care’s Two New Programs
News Facts:
NextCare clinic wait times decrease 50 percent due to new programs
WAHOO service allows patients to check in online, wait in the comfort of their own home
We Care Specialist program provides personalized attention to each patient

PHOENIX (March 16, 2009) – NextCare Urgent Care rolled out two innovative programs last week to increase patient comfort and convenience. The new “Wait At Home Or Office” service, known as “WAHOO,” and the “We Care Specialist” program were implemented to decrease clinic wait times and provide patients with increased personalized attention and care. Results from the first week demonstrate wait times are down by more than 50 percent, while patient satisfaction remains high.

“As a practicing emergency room doctor, I’ve witnessed over-crowding in waiting rooms and have seen health care providers struggle with offering individual attention to patients,” said Dr. John Shufeldt, founder and chief executive officer of NextCare Urgent Care. “At NextCare, we have made a concerted effort to alleviate these frustrations for both the patient and the provider and these programs are helping us achieve this goal.”

The WAHOO and We Care Specialist programs are the first of their kind in the urgent care industry, and exemplify NextCare’s patient-centric approach. Both programs are expected to resonate with those looking to make the most of their health care dollars by offering the following amenities:
WAHOO Program: This service allows patients to check into NextCare clinics online, affording them the opportunity to wait in the comfort of their home or office (or wherever) and minimize disruptions to their busy schedules. Once the appointment request is submitted, patients receive a follow-up call notifying them of a specific time their exam room will be ready. Last week alone, WAHOO users were able to spend 90 to 95 percent of their wait time away from the clinic, in a location of their choice.

We Care Specialist: The We Care Specialist serves as a patient advocate, and provides one-on-one attention and care throughout a patient’s visit. These highly-trained specialists are located in each of NextCare’s 49 clinics across the country to ensure patient needs are met in a timely manner and the quality of treatment they receive exceeds expectations.

“These programs speak to the heart of health care, taking people back to a period when providers took the time to listen to patients, validate their needs and provide focused care,” said Deborah Handford, RN, clinical educator for NextCare Urgent Care. “NextCare has made it a priority to put the patient first, and the development of WAHOO and the We Care Specialists honors the organization’s mission to treat every patient with compassion, while providing them with prompt, affordable care.”

About NextCare Urgent Care: NextCare Urgent Care offers convenient walk-in medical clinics that are open 365 days a year providing patients with qualified, board-certified doctors who are available to treat any non-life threatening illness or injury that needs immediate attention. NextCare is an affordable health care solution for families and individuals of all ages, including those who can not immediately see their primary care doctor, are visiting from out of town, or are new to the area and currently do not have a doctor. Visit NextCare at to find which of the 49 clinics is closest to you.

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  1. Plan to make such a great network of urgent care clinics is a need of Every where as there are less urgent care centers.thanks for having such a nice idea.

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