A New Way To Take Thai

Off of first glance you wouldn’t think this spot would suffice your appetite but there’s more than meets the eye. The food preparation is authentic and the food itself tastes like my mother’s cooking. It made me miss her and her cooking way too much, but it’s a nice reminder.

Thai To-Go West Asheville

My first time here and I got to enjoy some spring rolls, wontons and the ginger plate with beef. I love how the ginger in this plate tasted. It wasn’t over cooked, it was just right. I have to add another compliment to this dish about the beef. The seasoning and how she cooked it was perfect.

My friend with me had nothing to complain about with their plate, Thai Fried Rice with beef.

Thai To-Go ginger plate and Thai Fried Rice with Beef

Although Lita, owner, is camera shy, she came out to talk to me and we both lost track of time speaking to each other in Laotian, my first language. She’s native to northern Thailand and previously owned Pad Thai, for five years, in Brevard… but sold it to a friend recently because of the commute and her family responsibilities. She decided to start a business in the Asheville area and got her building, a previous Anderson Family Homes model, foreclosed on. I haven’t seen the before pictures but I could imagine all of the hard work it took from her husband to get the place to how it looks today. As of right now she’s a one-woman-machine in the kitchen with a lot of dedication but is looking for good help.

Bee at Thai To-Go

Have a taste of Thai To-Go or go by for an application and/or interview!

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