New Cosmic Band Lights Up Asheville

Asheville’s own New Cosmic Band touches down on Saturday, March 20 for the first of several shows coming up this spring. Kick off the equinox with the psychedelic love-fest made up of members of Silver Machine, Freak Before Brotherhood, and other local greats.

The brainchild of Asheville guitar virtuoso Dave Lee, the New Cosmic Band is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Combining elements of each other band represented, things come together like glitter in water under a blacklight: bright and dark, spinning madly, shooting rays of light out to catch your eyes and ears and hold you in a trance until it’s over.

The New Cosmic Band’s first show of the spring is March 20 at 10 pm at Fred’s Speakeasy on College Street. They’re following that up with a show on April 16 at MoDaddy’s, and another one is set for May 22 at the New French Bar. To hear the band or learn more, visit their Myspace page.

april is a freelance writer from asheville. read more of her work here or follow her on facebook.

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