New Belgium Brewing coming to Asheville RAD??? I say YES please!

Our friend Ashvegas just tweeted a little bit ago that: “Word on the street: New Belgium Brewing closed today on a deal to buy property in Asheville’s River Arts District” and then “Word on the street: Unconfirmed report that New Belgium has bought ppty on Craven St. in River Arts District for new brewery”

I remember a couple of years ago when Amanda had went to their headquarters in Fort Collins Colorado and was so excited about the experience. She even brought me back a souvenir from NBB. It made me want go so bad! Now maybe I will not have to travel that far. Because if the rumors turn out to be true; they will be right around the corner from me. Woot!

Maybe the rumors are not true. Several people on Twitter are saying this is not true, including Tony Kiss who tweeted “New Belgium says it has not signed on property here, rumors to the contrary. No decision on east coast expansion until Feb” and Ashvegas has now tweeted after that “New Belgium spokesman says they haven’t purchased any Asheville ppty, and won’t make decision until Feb on new E. Coast brewery”

But we all know how it goes… even if someone did know… keep it under wraps for as long as possible, or at least try to wait for the official announcement. I know that the River Arts District and the Craven Street spot is HOT! Especially for a brewery. They better jump on it. Nearby restaurants such as The Junction, Clingman Cafe, 12 Bones, The Asheville Public, and The Grey Eagle should be ecstatic over the possibility of this happening. I really hope it does! Come to Asheville, oh Beer Gods!!!

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