New AskAsheville Website – Welcome To Asheville North Carolina!

Years ago, AskAsheville launched a website that was a community directory with links to many different companies and organizations in the community. In addition to this, social media efforts were added via a Blogger blog and YouTube video website.

After years of planting seed in the Asheville North Carolina community, has now re-launched with a new fresh look and with lots of social media portals attached. Lots of work has been put into these links to make sure it shows you the variety and diversity of the Asheville and Western North Carolina area. You can see the colorful social media icons/links on the bottom of every page on the website.

In addition to this, businesses can now list their company for free in the Asheville Business Pages. There are also several other options where you can upgrade for a little as $150 a year and a have a full page with your logo, link to your website, and up to 4 photos of you and your business. There are other upgrade packages that are available. AskAsheville wanted to create affordable community awareness for anyone. Now this is done! Each Asheville and WNC business that lists their company will have a full page with their own direct web address to that page on the AskAsheville website.

AskAsheville has several exposure options available for businesses to consider. Our Asheville QuickLinks now have a premium platform pption for only $79 a year, our page banners are $79 per month, and our featured businesses which are listed on every page are only $149 per month. Please note that our “Featured Businesses” are limited to 30 companies per year so please let us know if you are interested and we will reserve your spot. All of these business exposure options come with a combo 10% discount as well.

Under our AskAsheville featured businesses, we also have a Social Network that we have created on the Ning platform where anyone that is from Asheville or interested in the area can join for free. Also there is an Asheville Home Builders Network where contractors (commercial, residential, or subcontractors) can make a free profile and network with each other, make connections, meet clients, etc. Many capabilities are available including a forum, blog, photo gallery and more.

Asheville is a wonderful community that is growing oh so beautifully. Some call us the little San Francisco or the mini New York City… but we are Asheville North Carolina! We are excited about now and the future to come. Join together with us and become part of our network. Thank you.

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