The NEW Ask Asheville blog by Amazon Design

AskAsheville decided to go with a new blog design recently and commissioned Emily Gough of Amazon Art and Design in South Asheville to come up with some ideas. We wanted to keep it simple with our social media widgets in the columns to the right, and we wanted the Purple gone! Goodbye!!!

Here is a little more information about Emily – Bio:  Graduate with a degree in computer info technologies. Freelancing online with several companies for the past three years. She has worked with projects such as Ashe County Chamber of Commerce,  Tanger Outlets Blog, Old Castle Surfaces,, and many more. Owns and operate several niche sites as a hobby. Specializes in WordPress powered sites. She own and operates Amazon Art & Design and offer a variety of WordPress based web packages.

WordPress is a powerful tool for those who want more from their website or blog but do not want to invest a lot into a content management platform. WordPress provides everything from photo galleries to ecommerce. It is easy to navigate and maintain without being overwhelming or time consuming. It is open source so it is 100% customizable. It is what she recommends to all clients based on their project needs.

The new Ask Asheville blog site features WordPress powered functionality, a fresh new design,  and a mobile version to the site. There is an emphasis on functionality and cleanliness. Gone are the days of clutter and overwhelming purple!

*Also, please check out the blog post Emily wrote about “Ask Asheville has a new Blog”

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