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We stopped by the PaleoSun “Website Insight” meeting last night for some networking and met some really great companies and people in Asheville. If you have any questions at all about websites, how they work, and what would be the best fit for you, plan on coming to the next one they announce! See the PaleoSun Website Insight video by clicking HERE

Went to Red Lobster and took some nice footage, click HERE to see it.

Stumbled upon an Asheville wine tasting, click HERE to see Vino Vino.

I just love “The Hop” on Merrimon. Ice Cream & More! Click HERE to see some footage.

Oh, and as of today, we love Rise N Shine Cafe on Merrimon Avenue across from the Atlanta Bread Company. Such a great crew! Their video is the one featured above. Thank you.

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