Told He Would Never Walk, Now Running Spartan Race Asheville

Dustin Scoggins Cerebral Palsy
Everyday is training day for Dustin Scoggins, 40 of Cliffside, NC. His sights are set on the Spartan Race in Asheville on August 29th. Born with Cerebral Palsy effecting mainly his lower extremities, he was told he would never walk, run, or ride a bicycle, he did all those things. For good measure, he also played football, ran track and wrestled in high school, lettering in all three. He went on to compete in the CP games nationwide and traveling as far as Nottingham, England to take fourth in the world in shot put.

This time, he is keeping it closer to home. Dustin is not just doing this for fun or a feeling of achievement. He is on a mission: to show the world how much those with Cerebral Palsy can do. There is a prevalent acceptance that someone with a debilitating condition is just that: debilitated. Many CP sufferers do not have supportive family, coaches, and teammates that Dustin was fortunate enough to have. They are taught early on that they can’t, so many never try. If one man can show them that he can… that they can, it’s Dustin Scoggins.

He is in the early stages of setting up the CPStrong foundation to educate, encourage, and train Cerebral Palsy sufferers for sports and other physical events that have been out of reach for so many. For kids, he looks to open the door to a whole new world of sports they may grow up without experiencing. For adults, it is never too late to get out and do what they have missed out on so far.

Dustin is running solo for now, but looking for teammates . If anyone is interested in joining the CPStrong team, contact him at @DustinScoggins on Twitter or Facebook/dus.scoggins.

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