The Neighborhood Gas Station in Asheville North Carolina

asheville gas station

In Asheville, we talk about some of our favorite restaurants, our top breweries, and best places to spend time; but nobody ever talks about their favorite gas station. Some folks use the gas station closest to their home, others near work, and some go “gas hunting” for the best prices in the area. Yes, there are some other stations we avoid completely because there is always a lower price right down the road, or we have pumped “bad gas” there before.

asheville citi stop

When you think about a neighborhood gas station in the Asheville area, you may picture a mom & pop shop off the beaten path, with a bunch of local folk hanging around, talking about the weather. When it comes to my neighborhood gas station, it is definitely Citi-Stop in Biltmore Village, Asheville NC. It is right next to my home and my office, they have a little convenience store for some quick needs, they have craft beer galore, Dunkin Donuts, a car wash, and a staff that makes a difference. I remember walking in one night as it was snowing a little. I was overwhelmed with work, exhausted, and on my way home. As I approached the door, I see one of the ladies mopping and dancing to a little holiday jingle on the radio. The other lady was behind the counter, working the register, and slightly grooving to the beats as well. Both of them had Santa hats on, which put the icing on the cake. As I opened the door, they both stopped, said “Hello”.. and the rushed world I live in disappeared for a good minute. I felt cheer and was glad that I stopped by here.

It’s the little things in life, right?!

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