Need More Asheville Blog Authors ASAP!

*Wanted… not this guy… but I am talking about YOU. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a power blogger on our blog site (at least one blog a day), please have them send an email to (that reward in the photo is not valid) We need a strong community effort and want to make sure we network with the right people. We have 5 current Authors (Red Devil, Jennifir, Ryahjoy, Danielle, and AskAshe). We have 7 Authors getting ready to join us, and we need about 8 more to team up with us and pump some interaction, content, and comments on these blogs.
**If you have a MySpace page, Facebook page, or whatever… link to this blog, send bulletins about it, and more. This is Asheville’s blog!
***You can take 7 photos in Asheville or wherever in about 15 minutes, and blog for the whole week on them! You can get a photo from and blog on it. You can take a picture of a website or web page on your computer and blog on that. Text is really great, but it does not have to be much if you are not used to writing. You blog can simply be a photo and a sentence about that photo. Anything is better than nothing. Let’s get this thing rolling hard.

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