‘Navitat at Night’ New for 2011 Season

Exclusive nighttime canopy tours begin in April

BARNARDSVILLE, N.C. – NAVITAT CANOPY ADVENTURES, a world-class zip line canopy tour near Asheville, has just announced nighttime tours new for the 2011 season.

“NAVITAT AT NIGHT” promises an entirely new perspective on the exhilarating experience of zipping through the trees. Tours start in April and will be offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at dusk. Night tours go on sale Feb. 15.

“We are thrilled to be offering this exclusive new adventure in our second season,” said Abby Burt, Branding & Marketing Leader at NAVITAT.

“Our tour site, located in beautiful and secluded Moody Cove, takes on a whole new life after the sun goes down. Guests will find themselves surrounded by the sights and sounds of nighttime while zipping under a blanket of stars. It is truly breathtaking.”

On the “NAVITAT AT NIGHT” tours, guests travel by lamplight on a series of artfully constructed zip lines, sky bridges, trails, rappels and platforms high in the treetops. Along the way, they learn about the natural and cultural history of the area and have opportunities to stargaze and spot some of the many nocturnal creatures living in the cove, including barred owls, brown bats, raccoons, opossums and fireflies.

Throughout the tour, guests are attached to a redundant safety system at all times while off the ground and accompanied by two highly trained Canopy Guides. Guests will be strongly encouraged to complete Navitat’s daytime tour prior to doing the nighttime tour.
“NAVITAT AT NIGHT” tours start in April and will be offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at dusk. Reservations are required. Tour price is $109 per person. Guests must be 16 years of age or older to participate. Book your tour beginning Feb. 15.

NAVITAT CANOPY ADVENTURES showcases the breathtaking natural beauty of a 242-acre serene mountain cove, located just 20 minutes north of downtown Asheville. The canopy tour course is entirely tree-based and features two sky bridges, two rappels, and 10 zip lines ranging from 120 to 1,100 feet in length — including one that sends guests soaring more than 200 feet above the forest floor. Visit www.navitat.com to learn more.

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