Nashwa & Hookah Joe’s Tonight!

Members of Temple of Boom: Intergalactic Freakout

We are throwing a massive party at Nashwa and Hookah Joes tonight in an attempt to raise money for the TEMPLE OF BOOM to represent the Asheville dj & electronic scene this year at the Transformus music and arts festival at Deerfields.

We have an amazing lineup for you this evening with an assortment of local and regional djs and artists including Brett Rock, D:Raf, Quetzatl, Shapestatic, the Stereo Crickets, Shad, DJ Nod, and a Blinding Standstill.

Expect representation of all styles including dub, hip-hop, funk, downtempo, trance, house, reggae, dubstep, glitch-hop, and whatever else we can tap in to. Starts tonight at 8pm and runs till 4am.
Admission is only $8!
18 & up

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