Naked Asheville

Today we came across another instance of a man walking around naked in Asheville North Carolina. We were driving down Hendersonville Rd and into Biltmore Village and suddenly a naked man stood up and started walking toward the sidewalk shaking his head in semi-frustration. Apparently he walked out into traffic on All Souls Crescent and sat in the middle of the street. Maybe he was suicidal and figured someone would run him over. Maybe he was drunk, needed some air, and wanted the rush of vehicles flying by him and missing him by inches. Maybe it was “Hot in Here!” I don’t know. Instead, the people driving by were slowing down, driving around him, honking their horns and taking photos.

Turns out the poor guy did not know where he was, and the Asheville Police Department took him to get some help.

Recently the Asheville Police Department arrested a man for walking down Montford Avenue in the nude. Both of these instances are alarming for some. Any more of this nakedness and people will start calling Asheville “Naked City USA.” Do we really want that?

Photo taken by @angellindsey78 and shared on Twitter by @sociallifeavl

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