My Asheville Choices, at the moment… Kilwin’s is Awesome!

Just thinking about where I would like to go and what I would like to do at this exact moment and for the day. If I had to eat somewhere, I think I could go for Mayfel’s in Downtown Asheville for breakfast. I kinda miss Rio Burrito downtown and wonder if the one in Skyland is still open. Went for brunch yesterday at 1896 Bistro and had the Seafood Crepes. Great chocolate shopping and awesome experience at Kilwin’s. They have their little elves making chocolate, serving ice cream, running the register, and entertaining the kids. I believe Marcy, the owner, was the one who got my balloon hungry daughter a nice balloon this is up against the ceiling right now above where I am sitting. (Good balloon too, looks like it was just blown up a minute ago, lol) Kilwin’s email is The main company website is

If you do not know where they are, they are located on Battery Park Avenue in Downtown Asheville, right up from World Coffee and right down from the Wall Street parking garage and the Grove Arcade.

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