Moving: From China to Asheville North Carolina, USA

China to Asheville

Here is an interview with someone who moved from Southeast China to Asheville North Carolina:

My educational years in China led me into the hospitality management field. I had planned on working in my city, then moving to other cities in Southeast China and beyond. I grew up in a great home, and my family is extremely close. My parents did everything they could to grant me a life of opportunity. I ended up going to a great University in Xiamen China. Then the option arose for me to attend a University in Switzerland and expand my education and training even more. Soon after getting to Switzerland, I made friends with several other people from China, and many others from all ends of the world. Attending this school allowed me to learn English, and get an International mindset. An amazing experience!

Then I had the rare chance to go to the United States to work and gain more cultural exposure. I took it! Upon arriving in Asheville North Carolina, I worked at Marriott. I enjoyed going out in the area and experiencing Western North Carolina as a tourist, seeing the nature, the mountains, meeting people and enjoying life. Little did I know that I was scouting out the place where I would soon be living. A friend I worked with invited me to a community meeting, and I met a guy there that would become my husband, and the father of my child not long after. We have traveled to China several times and each time was an incredible experience. People always ask us about Asian food in Asheville, and I tell them that some of our favorite places are The Noodle Shop, Doc Chey’s Noodle House, and UMI Japanese in Hendersonville NC. When it comes to Thai, there are so many great places in the Asheville area to choose from, but we frequent Thai Orchid and Noi’s the most.

The photo above is a statue in a park that we toured in China. To me it represents women, and people in general, moving forward for more and better. This is the opportunity I received in my native country, and in many other places around the world after that. I love China, where I was born and raised; and I love my new home of Asheville NC.

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