Mountain Protectors Action Alliance flash mob in Asheville Friday June 15th

This post was taken from the Mountain Action Alliance Facebook Group Page

There is a FLASH MOB this Friday, July 15 in downtown Asheville to bring awareness of risk factors citizens face if nuclear waste transportation were to increase in our area. This group is about spreading information about the current proposal for a NATIONAL NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP in South Carolina, and what this would mean for Asheville. This possibility raises further concern of Sandy Mush becoming a nuclear waste facility for the excess that would be created by extraction of plutonium in SC. We know nuclear waste currently travels through on I-26 about 3 times a week. The hazards caused by astronomical amounts of high level nuclear waste frequently transported through our city could have a significant, life-threatening, and even catastrophic impact. Even if there were no accidents thousands of trucks would give off massive radiation as they move down our interstate. Exposure in a traffic jam, for instance, would be equivalent of TWO FULL CHEST X RAYS IN ONE HOUR of exposure at a proximity of six feet. Have you ever been in a traffic jam on our local highways? If there were ever an accident involving one of these trucks, it would be a disaster that not only the taxpayers to pay for, but more importantly, could be catastrophic as are the events in the Fukishima Province in Japan. These pristine mountains would be a wasteland of poison and we could be evacuated to never return. Right now there is nothing we know of that can stop this except massive public resistance. Please have your facebook friends join us to get updates. For more info, please also visit Thanks for caring about our home.

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