Modern Asheville Architecture and History – Before & After

We recently talked to Samsel Architects about how much Asheville has grown over the years. It is simply incredible. And to know that some of the folks in their offices are some of the founders that made lots of this possible. Architecture is so important. When you hear about the before and after, the root and the fruit, the Architect is more on the root side. They take an idea, a concept, and create a vision of what it will one day become.

I remember talking to the late Daryl Rantis years ago, an Asheville Architect who studied under E. Fay Jones and was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright; and he explained to me how much of the final design comes from the concept delivered by the Architect. He showed me how intricate it was, how ever line moved made a big difference.

Samsel Architects has been in the Asheville area for many years. They have seen our community baron, and have now not only witnessed the prosperity, but have been an instrumental in making it happen. Below are some projects they have been a part of.

Malaprops & Zambra in Downtown Asheville

The structure that currently houses Malaprops and Zambra.

Blue Spiral Art Gallery in Asheville

The Blue Spiral Art Gallery in Downtown Asheville.

Richmond Hill Inn Asheville NC

The Richmond Hill Inn in North Asheville NC, now the OM Sanctuary.

Blue Moon Bakery in Downtown Asheville

The Blue Moon Bakery in Downtown Asheville, now City Bakery, and also the location of Samsel Architects.

Southern Highland Craft Guild in Asheville NC

The Southern Highland Craft Guild in Biltmore Village, Asheville North Carolina.

Special thanks to Margaret of Samsel Architects for providing these great images to us, and for helping preserve even more of our history and heritage here in Asheville NC!

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