Miss North Carolina’s New Social Media Blog by AskAsheville!

Miss North Carolina is involved in many activities and appearances all of the time. It is not all glitz and glamour either, but real life, down to earth, networking with plenty of inspiration behind it. These girls, ladies, and women are hereos in a certain world that many of us could afford to look up to. Encouraging words of support, reaching out to communities, and volunteering to help is something these ladies are involved in daily in one way or another. Pageant participants go through a wide range of items to “qualify” to be a part of the events, and have many mountains to climb before they can even think about getting crowned. These participants are the elite of their class and have been chosen!

Recently, AskAsheville had the honor of doing the Social Media package for Melissa Chambers, Miss North Carolina. She was already doing awesome on Facebook and we approached her with an option. We worked together and released the new blog for Ms. North Carolina Melissa Chambers last night. And this is only Phase 1, as we are going to build the blog up in the next 30 days, train her on effective marketing and reach in North Carolina, and get some final ideas for the main site. Click HERE To Visit Ms. North Carolina. Also, if you are a Twitter fan (like us!), visit Melissa by clicking HERE! Asheville, WNC… lets show our support and stand behind her. She represents the whole State of NC and her hometown is Weaverville! Thank you Melissa for giving us some time to get to know you and the great work that you are involved in.

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