Miller Lite Rock Girls in Asheville NC, Beer City USA

The Casting Call was made, and here are the winners! Miller Lite has always been pretty big when it comes to marketing. Even in many movies, when actors were seen picking up a beer, it was a Miller Lite. Recently, a friend of ours (in this photo) invited us to a party and calendar signing at The Asheville Ale House which is located right across from Wild Wing Cafe. Local Asheville women getting it on with Miller Lite. 2010 looks like a great year already!

Although Asheville North Carolina is filled with breweries such as Highland Brewing Company and many more; commercial brands still find a good place in our society. Some love Craft Beer, while others love the traditional brands. Someone was joking on Twitter recently that Asheville is the only place they go to that sells local craft brews out of Budweiser carts at festivals such as Bele Chere. Julie from Bruisin Ales in Asheville is our local infamous Beer Queen and beerlanthropist. She Rocks!!

Asheville is big on local music and local beer. We have strong supporters of our local brews but we are not so closed minded that we do not welcome outside brands such as Miller Lite, PBR and others to come, join us, and be a part of the AVL brew drinking community.

Visit the Asheville Radio Station 105.9 The Mountain for more information about the Miller Lite Rock Girl Calendar and some desktop wallpapers for your computer. MR Motorcycle in AVL also sponsored this project. Photography by Rebecca D’Angelo. To attend future signing parties at Elaine’s, Broadways, and the Bier Garden with the Miller Lite crew, click HERE.
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