Meet Sarah & Some Kind of Nature Thing

Sarah Reagan Some Kind of Nature Thing

We recently spoke with Sarah Reagan, owner of Some Kind of Nature Thing and asked her a few questions:

How did your company come to exist? “I have always been creative. Making things, crafting things… About two years ago I started to pour a lot of energy into my artwork. Learning new techniques and finding new ways to express creative freedom. I am endlessly amazed at what I can do with my hands and what the creative process has taught me in every facet of my life. So I set out on this journey to allow me to be professionally creative. It began with my day job. I wwork as a counselor for young adults with mental illnesses. I developed a creative processing group called “Create” which teaches the fundamentals and skills of art techniques making art the therapeutic tool. This created a burning passion to make all of the things. I wanted share my artwork with other people. I wanted to start a business where my creations would shine brightly and over time I would create a brand for not only paintings but authentic handmade goods. And with that, some kind of nature thing was born.”

Sarah Reagan Wander Trees Asheville

How are you connected to Asheville? “I have been coming to Asheville since I was a little girl. Sometimes I feel more at home in that city than my own. I have gathered inspiration from Asheville artists and makers. The vibrant colors and eclectic people and places are reflected in my own art. I have always been the biggest fan of the laughing mermaid soap shop, often driving 70 miles just to stock up and return home. I marvel at the regeneration station in the river arts district and always return home with new treasures and new ideas &  Every shop downtown is like a small art gallery. Inspiration for days.”

Soaps Some Kind of Nature Thing

What do you specialize in? “I specialize in watercolor paintings and handmade bath & body products all products ship globally- wholesale orders available.”

Cards Some Kind of Nature Thing

What types of products do you carry? Original artwork, digital prints, handmade bath soap, body bars (solid lotion), bath fizz & beard care products (beard oil, beard balm).”

Ms Sarah Reagan Some Kind of Nature Thing

She said… “Nature has always been at the heart of me and who I am. From the mountains to the sea when I am submersed in the natural world my spirit is Alive and at home. My passion is creating nature inspired work. I find myself choosing palates of earth tones and vibrant floral inspired colors. When blending essential oils for soaps, I am drawn to earthy aromas and woodsy notes. Since I began learning about soap making and essential oil uses I have grown even more to appreciate what the earth provides to us. We can find healing from the plants she grows. All of my soaps are handmade and carefully created with essential oils that complement each other as well as provide a delightful aroma. I use rich Shea butter for moisturizing and all natural ingredients to keep your skin happy & healthy. I am a self-taught artist/artisan & have grown and developed my brand on my own with the help of my boyfriend, Ryan Summey, who does web design, digital reproduction and printing. I do not outsource my products as everything is handmade in our home studio. From the first idea to the last brushstroke my paintings are my own original work. I specialize in watercolor, however, I work with all media including oil, acrylic and graphite. I also handmake bath and body products including body soap, facial soap, beard balm and lotion bars. I enjoy sewing, making jewelry and crafting of all kinds. Learning new art forms is my passion. I designed my own logo & created my own font for branding. I hand paint and craft my packaging including soap labels. Each label is individual.”

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